Boo Glass

Boo Glass Double Inset Honeycomb to UFO Perc w/Ice Catcher

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The aliens have invaded--not quite, but you'll feel like you're on a whole other planet with this double inset honeycomb water pipe with a UFO percolator. This water pipe is huge at over two feet of bong, and it's pretty affordable too. What we love most about this water pipe, however, are the built-in features that come with it right out of the box: a built in ice-catcher makes it easy for you to ice your bong with little to no effort. We also love the double inset honeycomb perc! This perc is actually a two for one, and is considered one of the finer percs available on the market today. If that's not enough, there's the UFO perc inside too. No doubt, hitting this bong will leave you happy indeed; we don't know if it's possible to have better smoke come from a bong with the caliber of percolators used in this water pipe.