Boo Glass

Boo Glass Element Spiral Glass Hand Pipe

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Awe worthy. This captivating hand pipe flows with a dynamic spread of lively hues. Thick solid glass brings this pipe to life with long-lasting quality. At home or on the go, Boo Glass delivers the perfect Element Spiral Glass companion. Take your choice between two vibrant color combinations for the style that suits you. Use this piece to make an impression while festival hopping or keep it chill with a backyard barbeque. This excellent silhouette is sure to spark some inspiration. The brilliant design features a deeply set spoon for a generous portion of your favorite dry herbs. Sprinkle them in, and use the side carb to control airflow as you pull from the mouthpiece. The hefty glass piece sits comfortably in your palm as fingers naturally fall into place around the head. The sleek hand pipe is sized for portability and won’t take up too much of your living space.