Boo Glass

Boo Glass Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler

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Complete with white tusks, large red ears, and wrinkles along it’s forehead and nose, this 7-inch-long Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler gives amazing rips for its stature. The bent neck, shaped in the form of a trunk, also serves as a great splashguard and keep that pesky water out of your clean hits. You can find the mouthpiece on the back of the elephant’s head, and its trunk holding a deep bowl for the most bang for your buck. On the front of the bowl there is a red glass milli and three raised glass lines that help holding the pipe when in use. The downstem coming from the bowl leads your smoke into a small amount of water, providing the user with the best rips from a bubbler. The base of the elephant’s skull also keeps the bubbler from falling over, due to its flat shape. Altogether, this is an amazing piece. It rips beautifully, and is a great aesthetic for those that like animals.