Boo Glass

Boo Glass Fritted Spoon Pipe

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This excellent sidekick is ready to take your glass collection up a notch. Boo Glass presents an eye-catching companion, prepared for every adventure it’ll have in your hands. Nature hikes, gaming nights, and festival hopping can all appreciate this reliable pipe. Thick sturdy glass means it’s up for anything, any time. A deep-loading spoon is complemented by side carb construction. This enhancement lets you add a splash of fresh outside air as you rip the streamline silhouette. Take your pick between blue and orange fritted colors. Let this pipe guide you through your late night YouTube spiral and drift you into a good time. All with an air of artistry in the captivating frit glass design. Thick glass, side carb, deep bowl: you’re set for a successful sesh. Give it a rip through the smooth curved mouthpiece as fingers fall into place around the spoon. What great will the Fritted Spoon Pipe in you?