Boo Glass

Boo Glass Fumed Glass Sherlock Bubbler Pipe

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Rich amber oranges and yellows spiral about this piece just like the swirls of smoke passing through. These captivating colors, further enhanced by fumed glass metallics, echo the soothing sentiment of sunrise vistas. A perfect compliment to its summertime hues, the sherlock silhouette makes for an inspiring design even the most pretentious of pipe snobs can’t deny! To get technical about it, this 6-inch glass pipe features a fixed glass downstem, side-carb cooling, an elegantly arched neck, thick solid glass, and a self-standing base that’s perfect for letting it glow in the sunlight of a windowsill. Bubbler enthusiasts rave over the detoxification benefits that come from water filtration in addition to the easy inhale. Fumed glass construction adheres a light coating of genuine gold and silver to the piece for a phenomenal effect! All in all, this radiant American-made bubbler is a magical work of art that soothes the soul just to take a look at -- imagine what it can do for your mood packed with a load of your favorite legal herbs!

Height: 7 inches

• DankStop Bubbler
• Bent Neck
• Deep Bowl
• Fixed Downstem
• Fumed Glass
• Glass Bubbler
• Raised Glass Bubbles
• Sherlock Style Design
• Bent Neck
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Thick Glass