Boo Glass

Boo Glass Fumed Mini Spoon Pipe with Mushroom Milli

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If you haven’t yet seen fumed glass, you’re in for a real treat. Fumed glass changes colors when shown at certain angles under light, and nothing is more special when your spoon pipe is made of handcrafted fumed glass. Lighting up with this yellow or pink fumed glass pipe is a rarity, and you’ll be amazed, whether the herb has hit you yet or not. Even more special with this pipe is the mushroom milli, a glass flower made of multiple types of colors of glass that make it look like a flower bud about to bloom. Even better with this pipe are the flat undersides to it, meaning you can place your pipe on any flat surface, and it will stabilize itself, reducing chances of breakage and spillage. This pipe even has a deep bowl, so you can spend more time enjoying your herb instead of preparing it for smoking.