Boo Glass

Boo Glass Giraffe Neck Bong

Have you always dreaming of going on a safari? Is your favorite animal at the zoo hands down a giraffe? We understand you! We have just the pipe for you. Designed for your favorite long-legged animal in mind, this giraffe bong will take you to another planet. This little pipe keeps thing sweet and simple: it’s small enough you can take to a party and have guests enjoy its fun design, or you can keep in your safari-inspired bedroom for a nice wake and bake session. This 90 degree 14mm female pipe comes with a complimentary male glass bowl, and any matching male accessories can be used with this water pipe. One thing to note: do NOT give the bong to giraffes, although we heard that with their long tongues you might be able to put snacks in the bong’s base for them to enjoy, but don’t quote us on that.