Boo Glass

Boo Glass Glass Elephant Hand Pipe

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Spark some wildlife into your pipe collection with this excellent addition. Boo Glass presents an enchanting Elephant Hand Pipe. Take your pick between a Rasta hued or blue new companion. This exquisite sidekick stands on its four sturdy legs with pride from nightstand to coffee table – proudly prop your new pipe on display from mantles to bookshelves. Give it a rip from discrete mouthpiece in the elephant’s arched trunk. A carb rests opposite for complete airflow control. Nature lovers and glass art fans can all appreciate this charming creation. Large floppy ears, two tusks, and a sleek trunk bring this wise animal to life. As you scroll through hilarious wildlife videos on YouTube or watch an intense nature doc, the Elephant Hand Pipe will be at your side offering up powerful puffs. The palm-sized piece won’t overtake your personal space, yet stands upright like a work of impressive glass art.