Boo Glass

Boo Glass Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe

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If you were one of those kids who was enamored with all the test tubes and pipettes in high school chemistry class, then we have got just the spoon pipe for you, my friend. This unique clear glass pipe features a variety of colors inside that change shapes as you move the pipe around; each perspective looks a little different. Watching smoke travel from the bowl to the mouthpiece is quite an experience, and we know you’ll love smoking from this hand pipe. A little glass marble built into the bowl makes it easy to grip and less likely to slip out of your hands and break. A carb hole on the bowl’s left side lets you control airflow and use your precious herb as efficiently as possible. The ridges on the pipe’s body also help with grip on the pipe, reducing the chances of breakage and spillage. This is the perfect pipe for all of your artsy friends out there.