Boo Glass

Boo Glass 11" Freezable Beaker Bong

Elevate every sesh with a pleasing glycerin-chilled finish. The Boo Glass Glycerin Coil Beaker Bong flaunts the advanced innovation of a freezer friendly module. This removable insert can be stored in right in the freezer for five-star effect whenever the mood arises. The 11-inch beaker bong is crafted with thick clear glass for your enjoyment from the backyard to bedroom. A 14 mm, 45-degree female joint is fitted with a removable downstem. This piece disassembles for easy cleaning – even at all those tough corners. Each element is locked in place with a durable keck clip. Thick joints are also secured with frosted glass friction. Opt for blue or black accents with a touch of your personal style to suit the sophisticated silhouette. The condenser coil is also enhanced with a glass milli marble in an intricate design and radiant gold details. Rip cool, water-cleansed puffs through a comfortably flared mouthpiece.

Features of this Water Pipe

Water Pipe
This piece is powered by hydrodynamics that smooth and cool every inhale.
This water pipe features a beaker base. The scientific silhouette maximizes the surface area of the water for more filtration power. Beakers also tend to be more stable and less likely to topple over because of the wide flat base.
Dry Herb
This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
14mm Joint
This piece features a standard 14mm joint, suitable for all 14mm accessories. Use this measurement to match pipes with the best slides, nails, domes, ash catchers, and pre-coolers.
Removable Downstem
Removable downstems extend from the joint of your water pipe into the water, and slide right out of the joint for easy, low-maintenance cleaning.
45° Joint
This piece features a 45° joint. Choose ash catchers, pre-coolers, and other accessories made at the same angle as your water pipe.
Female Joint
This piece features a female joint. Pair it with a male accessory of the the same diameter for a soulmate match. Use an adapter to attach a female accessory to this piece.
Flared Mouthpiece
A comfy fit for any size snout. Flared mouthpieces are slightly wider at the very top of the neck for casual, comfortable pulls from your pipe. This design allows your lips to rest easily on the dab rig or bong instead of having to pucker up.
Glycerin adds an exhilarating finish with the cooling effect of an ice catcher. If the attachment is removable, pop it in the freezer before your sesh for icy-cold pulls.
Keck Clip
We use these when I bust my through my leash with my bulldog strength. They don't work on me, but they sure do keep a water pipe in place! Keck clips are used to secure glass pieces together at the joint and are made with thick food-safe material for durability and purity.
Milli Glass
Milli (a.k.a. millefiori) glass boasts envy-inducing silhouettes throughout the interior of your glass pipe. Inspired by the Italian term for a "thousand flowers," the effect is an impressive glass mosaic. Images and designs burst forth from the glass like they are extending from a thousand stems.

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    Can't be frozen

    This baby is so perfect

    Princeton S.

    Great glass!

    My friends think I'm the coolest after providing truly cool tokes.

    Ivanna R.

    Go glycerin!!

    This piece is the perfect combination of size (not too big), smoothness and strength (careful as the hits are bigger than you think going in) and seduction ( love the shape and design). How could anyone seriously stray from a glycerin?

    Shiv Y.

    Love it

    THis is an amazing bong. My only problem is I should have gotten the bigger one.

    Khalia R.

    Smooth as silk

    The best type of hit is a frozen hit. No doubt and no argument from anyone.

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