Boo Glass

Boo Glass Honeycomb to Showerhead Perc Water Pipe

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Crisp clean lines emphasize crisp clean delivery from this efficient water pipe. Boo Glass presents the perfect partner for both dry herb and concentrate delivery. The dual function device is available with your choice of dry herb slide or concentrate nail. Each rests seamlessly atop a 14mm, 90-degree male joint in an eye-catching extension that keeps heat away from the rest of the device. Give it a rip through the comfy flared mouthpiece in a casual bent neck silhouette. The natural feel is complemented by powerful percolation. Every puff is filtered past a honeycomb and showerhead perc combination. The showerhead and bent neck keep tall bubble stacks from passing through the mouthpiece. This impressive water pipe stands 8 inches tall in a stature that’s great for passing and solo pleasure. It’s unassuming size packs a punch that’s the perfect companion for creative inspiration at the work station, creating culinary masterpieces, and diving into a game-changing new series.