Boo Glass

Boo Glass Hooded Kid Hand Pipe

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Kenny never looked so good. This top notch Hooded Kid Hand Pipe captures Kenny in his most authentic form. Comfortably round and sturdy in the palm of your hand, this is one pleasant companion for binge watching Southpark and heading out on your own small-town adventures. Dynamic amber glass creates a rich textured glow that’s accented by sharp black tubing and bright expression peaking through the hood. The 4 inch long design is perfectly sized for pockets and backpacks, but also stands on its own two feet – literally! The Kenny pipe seamlessly blends into your living space by standing upright with the deep-portioned bowl facing the wall and the Southpark character’s mood boosting look facing forward. Collectible quality adds to the humor-infused value of this Hooded Kid Hand Pipe. Browse our Fat Kid Hand Pipe for a Cartman effect and Kenny’s Hooded Kid Spoon Pipe design. Nothing sets the tone for a fun sesh like a hilarious piece of glass.