Boo Glass

Boo Glass Hooded Kid Spoon Pipe

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Five stars for Kenny in this Southpark inspired design. Cartoon watching will have you dying of laughter paired with the masterful artistry of this playful glass piece. Portable and pocket-ready, the Hooded Kid Spoon Pipe is crafted with thick and rich colored glass. The unique silhouette features a sleek contoured neck that naturally extends into a comfortably sized mouthpiece. Expose your companion character’s signature expression to the crew. Contrast coloring makes the detailed design pop and make a memorable impression. The smooth spoon is enhanced with side carb construction for total airflow control. Also experience the Hooded Kid Hand Pipe which stands like a figurine in a completely unique piece of glass. There’s no occasion this pipe can’t enhance – from streaming an intense TV binge to romps in the park with pals. The Hooded Kid Spoon Pipe is a sure-fire conversation starter to get the giggles going with a playfully crafted piece of glass.