Boo Glass

Boo Glass Horned Maria Ring Spoon Pipe

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This maria ring, glass horn and bubble work piece is carefully detailed and downright diabolical— greenhorns opposite the carb and on the mouthpiece provide ergonomic support, while the doughnut split-chamber mouthpiece channels smoke from this dragon’s mouth. A sexy pink chamber with a maria ring offsets the jet black, while the bowl face bubble work is hypnotic and lustrous. Perfect for a group sesh, this piece has a deep bowl with large capacity for bigger bowls of dry herb. A high-quality glass pipe with serious detailing, this little devil is fire in a compact size.

  • Boo Glass Spoon
  • Hand Pipe
  • Maria Rings
  • Bubble Face Detail
  • Donut-shaped Mouthpiece
  • 5” Length, 3” Width