Boo Glass

Boo Glass Horned Skull Dabber

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Happy Halloween! Maybe you’re into October 31st as your favorite holiday or just happen to enjoy creepy things, but either way this is your new fave dabber. An intricate design featuring a green skull with horns, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter during your next dabbing session. The skull also makes it easier to add, especially compared to the normal, boring dabbers that may have come with your dab rig originally. It’s affordable price makes it perfect to have on hand for storage purposes--you never know when you’ll lose a dabber in the moment that you really need one. This makes for a fantastic gift or party favor, especially if you’re hosting this year’s 4/20 friendly Halloween party. Make sure that you’re dabbing with a real dabber like this one instead of just a fork or salad tong--these can transfer heat to your hand and result in burning. Stay safe when you dab with this horned skull glass dabber!