Boo Glass

Boo Glass J-Hook Adapter with Rounded Mouthpiece

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A quality J Hook Adapter is a must-have secret only collectors seem to be in on, but even every beginner needs! Concentrates and dry herbs flourish in this dual function device. There’s no accessory quite so versatile. Place your lips on the cool flat circle mouthpiece as you rip from the attachment of your choice -- whichever suits your mood. Bubble away with an ash catcher, sherlock it with a bowl slide, or amp it up for concentrates with your favorite nail! You may have seen the Silicon Valley guys ripping the J Hook poolside in one epic HBO episode. The female piece is available in both 14mm and 18mm joint sizes so you can pair it with accessories you already own for your water pipe. Try matching this essential with our GRAV “Phoenix” Ash Catcher, Empire Glassworks “Under the Sea” Dry Herb Slide, and Quartz Honey Bucket to see all that it can do! Each kind of attachment sparks a new personality.