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Boo Glass Keck Clip

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Boo can’t get enough of these keck clips! While they’re tons of fun to paw from room to room when you’re a bulldog, they’re equally exciting to use for mixing and matching smoke and vape accessories. Collections such as GRAV STAX are entirely customizable through clipping interchangeable chambers into place with the keck clip. You may have spotted Keck Clip customization on the famous Silicon Valley J-Hook episode, too! These sturdy plastic clips lock onto a piece of jointed glass onto another. Create your own sherlock bubblers or stabilize an ash catcher before passing your favorite water pipe to your butterfinger friends. Snag your colorful Keck Clips in 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm standard sizes. This simple safety feature can save the precious life of your best drop down, adapter, or reclaimer. Is the loss of beloved glass accessories a risk you’re willing to take? Each long-lasting shield is crafted from thick durable plastic.