Boo Glass

Boo Glass Lapis Lazuli Quartz Stone Pipe

Dynamic blue hues run through this eye-catching cut of Lapis Lazuli. Four inches long and one inch thick, the Lapis Lazuli Pipe has a hefty in-hand feel of stone construction. Lapis Lazuli is an ancient symbol of wisdom and truth – carry these values with you to the next level in sparking each sesh. The blue and grey quartz pipe has a sleek and smooth finish, fitted with a removable mesh bowl. (Which makes for a quick and easy clean!) Festival fashionistas and crystal collectors are just a few types of enthusiasts who will adore this perfect accessory. The rich colors and artistic cut give this hand pipe a fine jewelry feel. Pull this gem from purse or pocket, and expect endless compliments. Browse our full selection of Stone Quartz Pipes right here at DopeBoo for the symbolism and style that suits you best! Astrology fans might even opt for their birthstone.