Boo Glass

Boo Glass "Lil Hitter" Frosted Spoon Pipe

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I might be small, but I'm mighty! That's what this lil' hitter would say if it had the power of verbal language. Alas it does not, but it sure can help you enjoy your favorite herb! This unique frosted glass is not only extremely beautiful, it’s also functional: made of top-notch borosilicate glass, this is the strongest stuff on the planet and considered commercial-grade glass too, so it’s the best thing you can smoke from. The frosted glass also changes texture when you touch it. Clocking in at only 3.5” long, his little guy also has a pretty deep bowl, so you can fill it up and let the night continue without any interruptions to repack the bowl. Even better, there’s a built in ashcatcher right underneath the mouthpiece to stop any stray particulates from ruining your smoke sesh. Enjoy this frosted spoon pipe in blue, green, orange, black, clear or teal.