Boo Glass

Boo Glass Maria Ring Sherlock Pipe

We know the struggle: so many pipes look the same these days, and you need something different to stand out from the rest of the smoking crowd. This unique sherlock pipe is sure to turn heads while giving you some excellent hits. Made of opaque Boo Glass (our favorite, but we’re biased), this sherlock is available in white and black with different accent colors. With two glass marble feet, this sherlock pipe is easy to stand up on its own without breaking or spilling all of your dry herb. Two maria rings and three glass marbles on the bowl’s side give this pipe a nice grip that also makes it safer to hold. The flared mouthpiece lets you take bigger inhales with ease, and a nicely decorated carb hole on the bowl’s left side lets you control airflow as well. Made in house with our very own Boo Glass, this is an easily affordable sherlock pipe to add to your collection.