Boo Glass

Boo Glass Mushroom Milli Thick Glass Sherlock Pipe

For all of our butterfingers friends out there, this is the perfect pipe for you. The Mushroom Milli Thick Glass Sherlock Pipe is built to last, no matter how clumsy of a smoker you might be. The thick glass on this sherlock pipe is durable and hard to break. Even better, the pipe has a nice, flat surface, meaning it’s easy to rest this pipe without it tipping over and breaking. You can even rest the pipe on its back, with the mushroom milli and mouthpiece acting as supports. Of course, this pipe isn’t just for sitting around, it’s for smoking some great herb: with a large, deep bowl, you can pack this thing once and be done for the day, whether you’re with a large group or by yourself. Take this sherlock pipe to any party and be confident in its top-notch quality and durable construction that will outlast any smoke sesh.

Features of this Dry Pipe

Hand Pipe
This hand pipe rests casually in your palm (or paw), and works directly with dry herb or concentrates without the addition of water.
As a gentleman and a scholar, a solid Sherlock is my favorite accessory at our weekly 'dogs playing poker' game. This pipe features an elongated, old school silhouette. Accumulate larger cloud sizes and create extra space for the smoke to cool.
Dry Herb
This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
Deep Bowl
This pipe features a deep-set spoon to hold a large amount of ground material. That means lots of rips before needing to reload.
This piece includes a carb -- the small hole that channels fresh outside air into your pipe for a cooling, soothing effect. Place your thumb on the carb to allow your pipe to fill with smoke before letting go for a refreshing clearing action.
Milli Glass
Milli (a.k.a. millefiori) glass boasts envy-inducing silhouettes throughout the interior of your glass pipe. Inspired by the Italian term for a "thousand flowers," the effect is an impressive glass mosaic. Images and designs burst forth from the glass like they are extending from a thousand stems.