Boo Glass

Boo Glass Pink and Gold Twisted Pipe

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Calling all of our flower children! Do you feel like you missed out on Woodstock in the 60’s? Maybe you wish it were the 60’s all over again? If so, you’ll love this pink and gold twisted pipe--it’s all about a floral, springtime, psychedelic design--and of course, smooth and delicious hits. Its swirling pink and gold glass with a daisy design at the end will enchant you for hours as you drift higher into the clouds with your favorite herb. Plus, while we’re on the subject of dry herb, you can pack this thing with flowers forever, as it has an incredibly deep bowl that’s perfect for long smoke seshes or sharing it with a big group of friends. Although this pipe is made of glass, the glass is incredibly thick and durable, making it perfect for smoking at high temperatures and transporting it around with you (although we recommend a pipe carrying case--you never know).