Boo Glass

Boo Glass Raked Blue Tiger Stripe Accented Beaker Bong

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What a beast! This tiger-striped water pipe is a fierce favorite among personal sized bongs. Eight full inches of solid scientific glass delivers an irresistibly dense cloud. The contoured bubble base features lightly fumed glass in which genuine silver and gold are adhered to the design for a dazzling metallic effect that enhances the already unique raked stripe design. For your day-to-day convenience, the deep glass bowl is accented by a blue pinch handle for added ease in clearing the chamber while a flared mouthpiece makes for a most comfortable draw. The 45-degree joint is even protected by a resilient rubber grommet at the fixed downstem to add to the durability of the thick glass piece. The American glassblowers at DankStop have become a household name for their unmatched ability to create high quality smoking tools at a manageable price point--save the money for your (legal) herb supply! Now load ‘er up and prepare to unleash the beast.

Height: 8 inches

• DankStop Bong
• 8.25" Clear Glass Water Pipe
• American Glass
• Clear Glass Downstem For Better Filtration
• Lightly Fumed Glass Bubble Base
• Matching Slide Bowl With Blue Pinch Handle
• Rubber Grommet Style Joint
• American Glass
• Beaker
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Deep Bowl
• 45° Joint
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Fixed Downstem
• Scientific Glass
• Thick Glass