Boo Glass

Boo Glass Raked Face Spiral Fumed Spoon Pipe

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Get ready for this funky chunky mushroom spoon pipe! This extra special pipe is loaded with unique features that truly separate it from all other hand pipes you’ve seen before. First off, it’s made of fumed glass, crafted from a unique method of glassblowing where the final product actually changes colors as you move it around in the light. The glass is also “raked,” meaning that while the glass is still wet, the glassblower drags a stick through it, making a sort of spider web pattern on the bowl. All the handmade touches on this pipe result in a beautiful masterpiece, and the smoke’s pretty good too: with a wide flared mouthpiece, you can have a mini steamroller effect and let the smoke collect for a minute before you inhale. All of these tiny details result in a pipe that will truly take your breath away (in the best way possible).