Boo Glass

Boo Glass Raked Green Bubble Beaker Bong

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Get twisted with this eye-catching raked beaker bong. The unique green and yellow swirls are enhanced by lightly fumed genuine gold and silver that boasts an aesthetic reminiscent of the spirals of smoke passing through--witness its full effect glisten in a sunlit spot. Stacking up to an ideal 8.5-inches, this solid glass water pipe pairs water filtration (maximized by its bubble contoured base) with a head-turning design that makes this an everyday essential. The durability of the thick glass construction is further solidified by resilient rubber grommets that protect the fixed 45-degree downstem and colored glass slide against butterfinger breakage. The artists and engineers polish off the piece with a deep funnel-shaped bowl featuring a green accent handle and a comfortable flared mouthpiece. While other pieces come and go, you’ll find yourself reaching for this reliable go-to again and again.

Height: 8.5 inches

• 8.5" Tall With A Rubber Grommet Joint
• American Glass
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Glass Bubble Beaker
• Green Raked Glass Accents
• Lightly Fumed Glass At Its Base
• Matching Green Handle Glass Slide
• Thick Glass Construction
• Beaker
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Deep Bowl
• 45° Joint
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Fixed Downstem
• Thick Glass