Boo Glass

Boo Glass Raked Hand Pipe

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A classic glass design. Like the popular pipes of the seventies, these glass companions certainly do the trick. This sleek spoon pipe boasts a crisp-lined design that creates a captivating interior texture. Instantly elevate any glass collection with this simply magnificent addition. Take your pick between fiery fumed red, bold blue, and striking white hues. Resting casually in the palm of your hand, fingers naturally wrap toward the always welcome side carb. Carb construction lets you control airflow. The classy pipe makes a flawless impression as your passing it through the crew. Outdoor concerts to Netflix binges can all appreciate this perfect personal pipe. Sprinkle a generous portion of fresh dry herb to take your experience to peak performance. A timeless spoon glass silhouette never goes out of style with the unique raked glass accents keeping it on-trend in a perfect blend. What adventure will the Raked Hand Pipe inspire in you?