Boo Glass

Boo Glass Rasta Hammer Style Bubbler

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Spark some good vibes with the Rasta Bubbler. This hammer style water pipe is wrapped in vibrant Rasta themed hues—a brilliant combination of red, yellow, and green. Boo Glass delivers premium puffs in this portable pipe. Turn up some reggae and savor the day with this lively companion. The Boo Glass Rasta Hammer Style Bubbler holds a generous amount of fresh dry herb atop a fixed downstem. Smooth curves are easy on the eye in this timeless silhouette. A sleek lean neck is stabilized by eye-catching maria rings. Give it a rip from the extended mouthpiece with a photo-worthy pose. A splash of water transforms each inhale into cool, smooth goodness. Pass it around the bonfire while you make some memories with the crew. Side carb construction keeps it cool and mellow with total airflow control. This hammer pipe instantly upgrades any pipe collection. Where will you journey to with your hammer bubbler in hand?