Boo Glass

Boo Glass Rasta Stripe Chillum

Are you always chasing rainbows? You will absolutely love this rasta stripe chillum made with exclusive dichroic glass. This chillum features a blue and white swirled glass that runs the entire length of the hand pipe, and there’s a beautiful Rasta stripe made of dichroic glass running down the middle. Dichroic glass is prized for its unique sparkling quality, as if there’s millions of tiny diamonds inside the glass (unfortunately there’s not). This chillum might be tiny, at only 3.5 inches, but it’s definitely powerful: you’ll get some great smoke from this chillum, and it’s certainly well made. Crafted from our very own Boo Glass, this thick glass is some of the best quality stuff on the market, yet affordable for everyone since it’s our own brand. Whether you’re having a solo smoking sesh or passing this around with friends, this Rasta chillum will last you many excellent years.

Features of this Dry Pipe

Hand Pipe
This hand pipe rests casually in your palm (or paw), and works directly with dry herb or concentrates without the addition of water.
I chill with a chillum on my afternoon walks with the human. This is an ultra-portable hand pipe for lighter loads in a quick, on-the-go toke sesh. Some brands refer to their chillums as "tasters."
Dry Herb
This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
Dichroic Glass
As satisfying as a walk through the park on a starry night. First engineered at NASA by blending metal oxides, this piece boasts a vibrant, dynamic effect as each layer dances in the light.