Boo Glass

Boo Glass Roll-A-Bong Silicone Bong

Maybe you’re a backpacker hiking the Appalachian trail, or maybe you just like to have mini travel versions of everything with you? Either way, nothing can beat this Roll a Bong Silicone water pipe. If this isn’t portable and convenient, we don’t know what is. Use this bong when needed, and when you’re done, simply roll it up and stick it in your backpack. It’s discreet, small and super convenient. It evens comes with its own built in strap to keep it rolled up. Did we mention it happens to get the job done much better than you’d expert? Add in your favorite 14mm 45 degree male nail to complete the experience, and you’re ready to go. Available in a variety of colors, pick your favorite. This is great for camping trip, or even a little beach smoke sesh, as you’re not usually supposed to bring glass to the beach.