Boo Glass

Boo Glass Straight Tube Water Pipe

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Think that a good hit requires good money? Think again, my herbal friend. While many bongs boast of several features to give you nice, chilled hits, you might be shocked at the triple digit (sometimes even quadruple!) prices on those water pipes. However, price doesn’t necessarily indicate quality, such as with our Boo Glass straight tube bong. This thing’s loaded with features and won’t break the bank: with a diffused downstem that’s super easy to remove and clean, you’ll also get some fantastic filtration going on. If that’s not enough to love, there’s a built in ice catcher for you to throw in some cubes on a hot summer day (or a winter night too) to cool down the hot smoke and get a nice icy hit. This water pipe comes out of the box with a male bowl, but you can add on any male 45 degree 18mm accessories.