Boo Glass

Boo Glass Swirl Fumed Bubbler with Doughnut Mouthpiece

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You might think bubblers are just mini bongs or a step up from spoon pipes, but they have a whole world of their own, complete with features and add-ins only possible on a bubbler, like this one. This bubbler has a unique doughnut mouthpiece, which allows you to carry this pocket bubbler with you on the go! Simply loop it through your keychain, backpack or necklace. The portability on this bubbler makes it a perfect option for festivals or parties where your hands are otherwise full. This bubbler also features unique fumed glass: made with a special glassblowing technique, fumed glass is special for its ability to change colors as you turn it in the light. Watch your bubbler change from light yellow to a pale pink. The glass, although it does have some color, is clear enough for you to watch the magic happen inside the bubbler as the herb combusts and the smoke travels through the water and up through the mouthpiece. There’s also an extra large bowl on this bubbler, making it perfect for long smoke seshes.