Boo Glass

Boo Glass Swirled Fumed Hand Pipe

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Celebrate the day with this excellent sidekick. Boo Glass presents a piece of glass that will elevate every pipe collection. A captivating swirl embrace the spoon – take your pick between three cool colors (dynamic blue, lively green, and vibrant orange). Fumed glass embeds genuine silver and gold to create a metallic effect that dances in the sunshine and under candle light. With a natural feel in the palm of your hand, fingers casually fall over the carb hole. Side carb construction boasts complete airflow control so that you can add a splash of fresh outside air at your every whim. This impressive piece is crafted with thick sturdy glass so you can carry it anywhere, worry-free. Enchanting lines and colorful vibes are sure to impress. Pass it through the crew or savor the top notch quality over a solo sesh. What luxurious adventure will this impeccable pipe inspire in you?