Boo Glass

Boo Glass Tron Sidecar Bubbler

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Behold, the rare and prized sidecar pipe! This bubbler is unique in many ways, from its beautiful glass to its sidecar form. The sidecar on this bubbler actually allows for more smoke to accumulate, giving you a bigger hit. Because the rest of the pipe is also so far away from the bowl, it actually sustains the pipe’s longevity by protecting it from overheating and possibly cracking, which can happen with smaller spoon pipes. The bowl here is extra deep, so you can pack it once and forget about it! A carb hole in the side lets you easily control airflow as you inhale, and the water collector at this bubbler’s base is what it’s all about: it’s super easy to use, and helps to diffuse the smoke, giving you a nicer hit. At only five inches, this bubbler is perfect to take over to a friend’s house to share or keep it next to your bed for everyday use.