Boo Glass

Boo Glass Wig Wag Mushroom Milli Hand Pipe

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Ready for a real trip? If you are a fan of the weird and wild, consider this your dream pipe. A wig wag glass design swirls together a palette of cool tones of blue, pink and ochre (sounds like art glass, right?). A swirl of dark red, green blue and ochre surrounds the bowl. Our favorite part is the mushroom milli addition on the bowl’s right side, created from a unique glass technique that makes an illusion of a three-dimensional flower bud that’s about to bloom. Across from the mushroom milli is a carb cap on the bowl’s left side to help you control airflow. Yes, this pipe is beautiful, but it’ll get the job done too: an extra deep bowl means less time packing your dry herb and more time spent enjoying it. This little pipe is easy to take around with you and share with friends, but it’s perfect to treasure at home too.