Clobb 4 in 1 Silicone Pipe

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The Clobb is one of many multi-functional silicone waterpipes available from the uber-creative team over at Ooze! Shaped like a classic gavel style bubbler the Clobb is far more than it seems. 

The gavel handle of the Clobb can be removed from the silicone laced water chamber and with the addition of an included titanium tip, you now have a nectar collector for your concentrates! Want to make use of that water chamber with your dabs? Put the mouthpiece back in place and use the 14mm male quartz banger to get some water filtration between you and your next toke.

The Clobb features two more uses thanks to its friendship with the Ooze Armor Silicone Bowl Adapter. The Armor features a glass screen bowl for smoking your dry herbs and when the screen is removed, you can also use the Armor to attach vaporizer cartridges to The Clobb!  Nearly any cartridge vaporizer can be used with the versatile Clobb & Armor pairing, I smell a sitcom!