Boo Glass

11" Double Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong

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Looking to make a powerful impression? This efficient 11-inch silhouette certainly packs a punch. Two tiers of tree percs maximize diffusion for smooth yet intense puffs every time. This piece is crafted from sturdy scientific glass for long-lasting quality in a portable size perfect for personal pleasure and passing over a Netflix and chill sesh. The water pipe features a 14mm female joint resting at a 45-degree angle. Each inhale is cleansed through powerful hydrodynamics after leaving the joint, journeying through a diffused downstem, two tree-percs, and a cooling ice catcher. All of these impressive features are intricately fitted within an efficient straight tube silhouette that sits like science-inspired art on the bookshelf or end table. This satisfying blend will likely make this 11” Double Tree Straight Bong your new daily driver. Choose that “so you” style with three color options: crisp clear glass, rich blue accents, and charming green enhancements.