11" Double Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong

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Looking to make a powerful impression? This efficient 11-inch silhouette certainly packs a punch. Two tiers of tree percs maximize diffusion for smooth yet intense puffs every time. This piece is crafted from sturdy scientific glass for long-lasting quality in a portable size perfect for personal pleasure and passing over a Netflix and chill sesh. The water pipe features a 14mm female joint resting at a 45-degree angle. Each inhale is cleansed through powerful hydrodynamics after leaving the joint, journeying through a diffused downstem, two tree-percs, and a cooling ice catcher. All of these impressive features are intricately fitted within an efficient straight tube silhouette that sits like science-inspired art on the bookshelf or end table. This satisfying blend will likely make this 11” Double Tree Straight Bong your new daily driver. Choose that “so you” style with three color options: crisp clear glass, rich blue accents, and charming green enhancements.

Features of this Water Pipe

Water Pipe
This piece is powered by hydrodynamics that smooth and cool every inhale.
Straight Tube
This pipe features a sleek, minimalist silhouette. Its clean lines streamline the travel of smoke without any added chambers or contours between the joint and mouthpiece.
Dry Herb
This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
14mm Joint
This piece features a standard 14mm joint, suitable for all 14mm accessories. Use this measurement to match pipes with the best slides, nails, domes, ash catchers, and pre-coolers.
Removable Downstem
Removable downstems extend from the joint of your water pipe into the water, and slide right out of the joint for easy, low-maintenance cleaning.
45° Joint
This piece features a 45° joint. Choose ash catchers, pre-coolers, and other accessories made at the same angle as your water pipe.
Female Joint
This piece features a female joint. Pair it with a male accessory of the the same diameter for a soulmate match. Use an adapter to attach a female accessory to this piece.
Scientific Glass
Pardon me while I pop on my lab coat -- like the "laboratory", not the attention-hog dog next door. This pipe boasts high grade construction and a crisp, laboratory-like silhouette.
Flared Mouthpiece
A comfy fit for any size snout. Flared mouthpieces are slightly wider at the very top of the neck for casual, comfortable pulls from your pipe. This design allows your lips to rest easily on the dab rig or bong instead of having to pucker up.
Ice Catcher
The dog days of summer demand an ice catcher. Ice catchers let you add ice to the water pipe. Ice creates a soothing, cooling effect with every inhale.
Diffused Downstem
This pipe features a diffused downstem -- the simplest percolator form. It's essentially a glass straw that stretches from joint to water on the interior of the water pipe. Slits at the end of the downstem create diffusion to soften and cleanse each inhale through hydrodynamics.
Tree Perc
This popular perc extends multiple arms for maximum diffusion. More arms amplify the amount of filtration as airflow is separated through the water, while fewer arms create less drag as you rip your favorite bong or rig.