Dichro Style Glass Bubbler Pipe

For those of us who dig the rich depths of a nitro brew and dichroic glass, we’ve got just the bubbler! You’ll get lost in the sparking swirls of color that dance and dazzle in the sunlight, and then you’ll realize it’s a hard-hitter, too! DankStop’s dichro style bubbler offers a sleek silhouette that starts at its long curved neck with a flattened mouthpiece for your comfort. From the neck, a deep-loading spoon bowl sits on a fixed downstem and self-standing base. Fill the bubbler with a splash of water that will smooth and cool every hit while siphoning out unwanted toxins. DankStop chooses the color combinations at random so you can be sure each piece is one-of-a-kind! As well as avoiding “who smoked it best” disasters with this unique construction style, the thick, durable glass is sure to survive an accident (or two) at the hands of butterfingered friends. Just grind it up and bubble your worries away with this captivating dichro design.

• DankStop Bubbler
• Beautiful Dichroic Glass
• Colors Are Chosen At Random
• Deep Bowl
• Fixed Downstem
• Glass Bubbler
• Rounded Mouthpiece
• Bent Neck
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Dichroic Glass
• Fixed Downstem
• Thick Glass

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