Boo Glass

Boo Glass 10" Twist Water Pipe

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A modern twist on a timeless classic. This edgy water pipe delivers some serious clouds in an eye-catching aesthetic. Crafted from scientific glass, this piece measures 10 inches tall with a 3 inch base for the perfect companion to carry from bedroom to backyard barbeque. The drool-worthy DopeBoo bong will get the conversations bubbling over its rare twisted neck design. This unique shape doubles as an ergonomic grip for casual, comfortable inhales. For added durability as a carry-everywhere water pipe, the 45-degree joint is reinforced by sturdy rubber grommets to protect against any unwanted impact. An always-welcome ice catcher rests just above the twist to put an exhilarating finish on every smoke sesh. Paired with the hydrodynamics of a bong’s bubble stacks, this piece is all about a smooth, cool experience. A bong like this is excellent for passing around the coffee table with the crew, at a perfect blend of awesome design and a price butterfingers won’t have you crying over.