Boo Glass

Boo Glass 10mm Female to 14mm Female Adapter

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Ah, the fear of finding that perfect water pipe accessory, only to discover that your pipe is the wrong size and gender! Don’t throw out that accessory just yet--get yourself a bong adapter. While they might look a little odd at first, these these handy size and gender adapters are so essential they need to be thrown in with every bong these days. This 10mm female to 14mm female adapter will help you add on male accessories to your male jointed water pipe. Made of extra thick Boo Glass, this adapter is built to last and will secure your accessory to your water pipe. Best of all, since Boo Glass is made right here at DopeBoo HQ, it’s the most affordable option in our shop. Enjoy this adapter for your water pipe, or share it with friends so you can try each other’s accessories without worrying about different sizes and genders.