Boo Glass

Boo Glass 13" Matrix Barrel Perc Bong

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This scientific glass bong is about to take your pipe collection to a whole new level. The pipe stands an ideal 13 inches tall – perfect for both solo pleasure or passing. Expect quite a few oohs-and-aahs from friends when they discover the powerful puff this unique perc delivers! At the center chamber of this design, the basic barrel perc has been reintroduced with both vertical and horizontal slits for superior diffusion. This is complemented by the soothing abilities of a crowd-pleasing UFO perc. Additional diffusion is in the removeable downstem which has an 18mm-to-14mm joint where an eye-catching maria ring bowl sits seamlessly. As you give it a rip through the comfortably flared mouthpiece, you’ll instantly appreciate the always-welcome splashguard to make sure you don’t get any unwanted flavor. The 14mm female joint rests at a 45-degree angle. Load ‘er up with your favorite ground material and witness the transformation into peak performance!