Boo Glass

Boo Glass 2mm Quartz "Holy Grail" Banger Nail

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The search is over – you’ve just stumbled upon the Holy Grail of banger nails. This legendary accessory rises above the rest with its unique air slit at the side. The slit increases airflow which means more vapor from this heavenly banger! Bangers have already been an instant hit in the concentrate community for their open-top maneuverability that allows you to get right in their with your dabber without the intense focus required to keep it on a traditional nail. The bucket shape stops concentrates from going to waste within the walls of your best dab rigs. The 2mm-thick Holy Grail Banger is available in both male and female gender, as well as a 14mm or 18mm size for that flawless fit. High quality quartz creates a clean, fresh, pure flavor that’s free of any metallic taste. Quartz is a luxury material concentrate fans tend to adore for its fast 5-10 second heat up time and commercial grade construction.