Boo Glass

Boo Glass 3mm Quartz Carb Cap

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So you found yourself the best dab rig, paired it with the perfect banger, and now all you need is an exquisite carb cap to top it all off! Look no further – this minimalist Quartz Carb Cap boasts 3 millimeters thick of top-notch quartz construction. Plop it right on your banger nail to send that quality concentrate vapor flowing through your water pipe (and not going to waste in the open air!). Quartz is a crowd favorite among waxy extract fans for its clean, pure composition. You won’t find your inhales tainted by any metallic taste with this one. Just food grade quality delivery for a fresh and flavorful experience. A small hole on the top allows air to flow in to create more vapor while cooling each rip for a smooth easy puff. The 3mm Quartz Carb Cap is an excellent accessory for such pieces as the 2-in-1 Quartz Banger Nail which will carry you from 14mm to 18mm pieces.