Boo Glass

Boo Glass Barrel Perc Vortex Recycler

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This 9-incher really rips! Each inhale gets cooled and cleansed in the constant flow of the recycler. A unique Vortex chamber sends goodness spiraling for your visual pleasure, making this a woah-worthy addition to any glass collection. The 90-degree, 14mm male joint is reinforced with a second Dewar’s joint for long-lasting durability. It channels directly into a cleansing Barrel Perc made from the same strong scientific glass. Watch the bubbles flow from the powerful percolator as the two-chamber recycler creates its explosive effect. Give it a rip through the sleek bent neck, which creates a casual angle that’s great for daily drivers. The portable 9-inch stature is balanced by a thick 3.5-inch wide base. You’ll always want it in arms reach, from coffee table to nightstand. It even makes a great sidekick for whipping up culinary masterpieces! Wherever you enjoy the Boo Glass Vortex Recycler, it’s sturdy scientific glass will be ready to rip!