Boo Glass

Boo Glass Beaker Bong w/UFO Perc

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Feeling futuristic? Out of this world glasswork takes the Boo Glass Beaker Bong to the next level. Reliable design, ideal size, thick glass, and perfect percolations have brought this crowd please to bestseller status. This highly acclaimed water pipe is constructed with sturdy scientific borosilicate. You’ll be ripping from the flared mouthpiece in an endless stream of pleasant puffs with such top shelf quality. The water pipe is fitted with a 14mm, 45-degree female joint. The Dewar’s joint is reinforced with a second glass prong for added durability. An impressive UFO perc makes every inhale fresh and pure with the soothing power of water filtration. The Boo Glass Beaker Bong with UFO Perc stands 12-inches tall in a portable size for carrying from bubble bath to backyard barbeque. The beaker bong includes a 14mm female funnel bowl for your preferred dry herb. What fun will you have with this new daily driver?