Boo Glass

Boo Glass 50 Pack of Pipe Cleaners

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Who knew all the fun Pipe Cleaners would be helping you have as a grown up? This essential cleaning tool will help you reach all those hard-to-get crevices in your favorite pipe. Not to mention the nooks and crannies of a vape. This pipe and vape cleaner bends as necessary with a gentle brush of soft fiber along the way. Use it reach tough percs through bong and rig joints or clear the airways of your vaporizer. Most effective when paired with Isopropyl Alcohol, you can instantly appreciate why this has become such a timeless cleaning accessory. These quality pipe cleaners are amazingly priced for the amount of time and money you’ll save on clogged pipes. You can’t afford NOT to keep these around, preserving your precious pieces of glass art and cutting edge tech. With 50 in each pack – you’ll be set for quite a while! The 50 Pack of Pipe Cleaners includes ten cleaners in each of the five captivating colors.