Boo Glass

Boo Glass Crystal Ball to Pillar Perc Sidecar Bong

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We’ve looked into our crystal ball and see a powerful new pipe in your future! This impressive design is crafted from thick scientific glass for top-notch quality in an ideal 10-inch size. The submerged crystal ball percolator starts the bubbles stacking as your dry herb smoke or concentrate vapor enters from the reinforced 90-degree joint. Moving upward, an extraordinary pillar perc adds even more diffusion for inhales so smooth you won’t believe the size of your clouds! The why-didn’t-we-do-this-sooner sidecar mouthpiece is quickly becoming a staple for casual, comfortable pulls from a natural angle. At a perfect 10-inches, you’ll find yourself carrying this piece everywhere from TV room with your crew to the bedroom for an end of day unwind. With such thorough percolation you’ll never want to turn back to the harshness of your old devices! The 14mm female joint includes a dry herb funnel slide that can easily be swapped out for your favorite concentrate nail.