Boo Glass

Boo Glass Double Stereo Matrix J-Hook Perc Dab Rig

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Launch your favorite legal concentrates toward peak performance in this epic water pipe! The dome and nail design is paired with three extract-oriented percolators from endlessly impressive puffs. Within the 4mm thick glass exterior rests two stereo matrix percs flawlessly complemented by a popular J Hook perc. The result: rips so smooth you and your crew could bounce around in the massive milky clouds! A sturdy 4-inch base gives stability to the 12-inch height in a silhouette perfect for carrying from room to room as your new go-to. The design is accented by rich blue glass at the flared mouthpiece and base for a dynamic aesthetic edge. Simply load your legal extracts on the nail and experience the smooth, comfortable draw that comes from triple percs and an ergonomically arched neckline. The male joint measures 14mm at 90 degrees. Easily swap the dome and nail for your favorite 14mm banger!