Boo Glass

Boo Glass Dual Quartz Banger Nail

The twin banger has finally arrived! Join the party with some seriously powerful puffs. This epic silhouette features not one -- but TWO -- banger nails on a single-jointed piece. The Dual Quartz Banger is available in both male and female gendered joints. It can also be paired with a 14mm or 18mm dab rig as it’s available in both standard size. Crisp quartz construction elevates this incredible accessory with food grade purity. No metallic taste – just pure, fresh vapor flavor you can savor! The joint is polished rather than frosted for a flawless quartz-on-glass seam. Each banger bucket features an angle cut design that allows for total maneuverability with the dab tool. Rather than requiring the intense focus of a traditional dome and nail design, this silhouette will catch all the excess oil and send it directly into your rig in vapor form. No more sticky dripped up joints!