Boo Glass

Boo Glass Electric Tobacco Grinder

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Over the daily grind? Make your fresh flower last longer with a little help from this clever accessory. Not only will you find your dry herb supply working at peak performance, adding a grinder into the mix will keep your pipe and vape collection cleaner. Fewer clogs, less waste -- welcome to living the dream. You can even personalize your grinder with a choice from five cool colors, for that “so you” effect when you pull it from your pocket. Here’s how to use the Electric Grinder: screw off the clear cap to load a third of the way with your preferred dry herb; then switch on the power and gently shake. Witness the efficiency of the three-blade tool through the transparent chamber as your supply seemingly multiplies with fresh, fluffy material. Pour just as much as you need and preserve the rest in the safety of the enclosed container! This petite piece is ready to carry anywhere.