Boo Glass

Boo Glass Female Quartz Daisy Nail

This little daisy flaunts her fiery side as the Quartz Daisy Nail. The female-jointed accessory nurtures your concentrates so they can flourish at peak performance. Clean quartz vapor sifts through the petals for a soft, smooth effect. Dab directly into the dish of this domeless silhouette. You can easily maneuver from any angle, while eliminating two extra steps a dome adds to the process. This essential nail is crafted from crowd-pleasing quartz for fresh, pure flavor -- taste only your favorite legal concentrates. The female joint is finished with a frosted ground glass anchor. Snag yours in a 14mm or 18mm diameter. The dish at the center sits deep to contain a generous portion of legal waxy extracts. You won’t believe you ever wasted your time on a less-than design. The Quartz Daisy Nail makes concentrates blossom gently with a fresh aroma and flavor at fierce torch temperatures. It’s an unbeatable experience.